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Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) Lease

The Terminal Rent Adjustment Clause or TRAC Lease is a special lease purchase option offered to qualified customers. This option provides a lower monthly payment to the customer when compared to a standard loan and a set residual value at the conclusion of the lease.

TRAC leases also offer three options for you at the end of your lease – the residual amount may be re-financed, paid off, or the truck can be returned and sold for fair market value. If the truck sells for less, you will owe the difference.

How the TRAC Lease Compares

  • Lower monthly payment compared to loans
  • Pre-determined residual price
  • Lessee responsible for residual
  • No off-balance sheet financing 1
  • No return conditions
1 Always check with your tax advisor for proper financial statement treatment of leases

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